Meeting teachers where they are.

Teacher Lab’s mission is to meet teachers where they are, with a particular emphasis on early-career teachers. Teachers frequently lack access to high-quality curricula unless they find and pay for it on their own or seek out colleages and mentors, which can be overwhelming and exhausting. Therefore, we identify successful teacher “moves”—the what and why of teaching—and then build explicit teaching and learning modules and guidance for early-career teachers, from effectively designing and teaching lessons and units, to determining authentic student learning outcomes, to aligning assessments meaningfully to learning goals, to moving through and surviving the daily realities of teaching to integrate curricula in ways that maximize student access and learning. We do this at no cost to teachers, as we believe that all teachers should have access to the quality teaching and learning tools they need.

Our goal is to provide free resources to teachers. To do that, we need your help. Any amount is welcome and will help us to pay for our web space, support ongoing teacher training, provide equipment for video recording expert teachers in action, and build an infrastructure for our ongoing efforts.


As a newly-established non-profit, our 501(c) (3) status is in process. We hope to have it finalized in the next few months, making your donations tax-deductible.

Thank you.

What We Do

What, Why, How

First, we closely examine the what, why, and how of expert teachers to inform novice teacher practice:

  • What content, knowledge, skills, and strategies guide expert teachers in how they design and teach?

  • Why these content, knowledge, skills, and strategies?

  • How do expert teachers teach effectively? What specific moves do they make to impact student learning?

Short and Long-Term Vision

Next, we provide a tangible short and long-term teaching vision for what early-career teaching looks like: What is generally realistic for a first-year teacher? A second or third-year teacher? What are the steps that might transform a novice teacher's practice in those first three years of teaching, and how do novice teachers practically get there?

Step-by-Step Guidance

Finally, we provide individual lesson plans, along with step-by-step guidance from an expert teacher on how to effectively structure and teach each part of the lesson to impact student learning so that you can see what good teaching looks like and strategically build your knowledge and skills to improve your practice.

Teacher as Learner Mission

We provide expert guidance on how to effectively design and implement quality instruction, with a primary emphasis on early-career teachers.

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Meeting teachers where they are.

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